Full Length Plays 


Workshop Reading in 2014: Talent on Tap [Ryan's Daughter Pub]

Twins Bryn and Brady have been separated during their Freshman year of college. Now that they have been reunited for summer, falling back into the small town routine proves difficult because of what they have discovered about themselves. Will their circumstances force them apart, or push them defiantly together as they attempt to navigate old friends, faith, family, and sexuality?


Workshop Production in 2008: Queens Theatre in the Park

Workshop Reading in 2012: The Drama Bookshop [Fresh Produce'd]

“Peter” is a prequel to the J.M. Barrie classic, “Peter Pan.” Drawing from a variety of Barrie’s stories, this tale details the dark and mysterious circumstances surrounding a naïve, innocent boy’s transformation into the tragic figure who refuses to grow up.  "Peter” charmed, shocked, and captivated its audiences by concentrating on the adult themes provided by J.M. Barrie’s imagination. This unique story bridges the gap between “The Little White Bird” (Peter Pan’s first literary mention) and “Peter and Wendy" and surfaces the largely forgotten demons that have always been present in Peter Pan’s past. A series of epic fights bring battles between timeless characters to life. All-in-all this tale of love, loss, friendship, and determination touched the audience’s heart by surfacing the horrific past of this classic character.

Collaborative Poetic Dramas 

CPD are a brand-new collaborative performance art I've developed with my collaborators.  As part of the CPD, poets work independently on a few dozen poems under the guise of a “character” (determined by the Composer) and shape adjustments to said poems before coming together as a team for final editing of the script. The Poets have the option to become the character they provided with a voice to perform coupled with movement and creativity for a unique Theatrical Experience. Completed Collaborative Poetic Dramas are the work of multiple artists; it has been my honor to serve as storyteller, director, arranger, and producer of the work entrusted to me by my collaborators. Summon Me for more information on this process, or to begin anew.


Written by Donzell Crow, M. Dalts, Kel Feustel, Nolan Menditz, & Justin Woo

Composed by Kel Feustel 

Produced in 2014: Poet’s Den Theatre

It Would Take Armageddon takes place in the distant future, where no artistic outlet is available or even known. In this post-apocalyptic future, Earth as we know it is beyond memory. Children are raised in sanitary seclusion by Bots and at 12, individuals are assigned a living quarters which they are never to leave. Food is brought daily by Bots, education delivered via online video chat, and everything government-approved is available to read on the internet with the supervision of Order, a “big brother” – type antagonist. Val, a young college student, is forced to relocate when her building is damaged. Among the rubble, she discovers something she has never before seen: a hand-written book. When the voice of an Old Poet emerges through the journal, Val decides to break free of Order and society. Working to bring Creative Writing back to life, Val recruits her online friend, Jonah, to join the cause. Jonah visits the rubble, not understanding why poetry moves his friend, looking for his own inspiration. He finds a single, vinyl record and player that sparks his own fire. Now, both are determined to change the world, if they can only figure out how to find each other before Order finds them both… or before the Old Poet’s true agenda is completed.


Written by M. Dalts,  Derj Sanxiun, Jackie Brunner, Eric Gordon, Liv Mammone & Nolan Menditz

Composed by Kel Feustel 

Produced in 2009: Gene Frankel Theatre

A unique look into the process and creativity of the modern poet, Words follows the fateful night of a poet who suffers from writer’s block and the pressure of success. On the edge of his sanity, the Poet is visited by his five Muses: Time, Mentor, Nymph, Romantic, and Aggressor. Each Muse competes for attention, slowly chipping away the Poet’s patience.Words was created through the unique process of Collaborative Poetic Drama – the first of it’s kind. Words features the original works of the poet/actors that performed them: M. Dalts, Jacqueline Brunner, Eric Gordon, Olivia Mammone, Nolan Menditz, and Derj Sanxiun. The poetry was arranged and directed by Kel Feustel, creating a cohesive story that was easy to follow and heart-wrenching; a true transformation from your typical poetry reading.

SHORT PLAYS [under 45 minutes]


Festival Performance in 2014: Talent on Tap [Ryan's Daughter Pub]

Alex, a high profile executive, steals away for an overdue evening with Jayne. When the night began, he believed his only problem would be if Jayne discovered he hadn't actually broken things off with his wife. However, it turns out their room is already been occupied. It's unclear who Gram is, how long he's been there, and whether or not he's willing to let either of them leave.


yet to be performed

In an abandoned chapel, an elderly priest is working out his sermon for the next day when he is interrupted by an eccentric volunteer who recently made her home across the street. Father McKenzie discovers if it's possible for him to help a lost soul when he's already at the end of his own rope.



in development

Between 1663 and 1673, in an effort to strengthen the colony, King Louis XIV sponsored hundreds of women to travel to New France, calling them the Filles du Roi. He not only granted them surrogate sponsorship, he allowed them the privilege of having a say in who they marry. Many women were desperate for the opportunity of a new life, escaping their own horrors or overcrowding and poverty. Daughters of the King is a historical fiction ensemble musical detailing the journey of the group of women who traveled to the new world on the final ship.